The Key to a Successful Relocation Department by Diana Howard

The Key to a Successful Relocation Department

By Diana Howard  Relocation departments within real estate companies provide important roles as suppliers of real estate services and advocates for relocation management companies (RMCs). As a single point of contact, they support third-party companies by providing valuable real estate information and services to transferring employees. To provide the highest level of service, a department must be well…


Beware of Wire Fraud Scams

Use these three tips to protect your clients from fraudsters As the technology boom has made closing the deal a much easier process, it’s also paved the way for hackers to defraud unsuspecting buyers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years. Wire fraud is on the rise but REALTORS® can help protect…


REALTOR® Due Diligence

by Diane Acken, REALTORS® Commercial Alliance Chair As members of Greater Tampa REALTORS®, we have a legal advantage that most REALTORS® may never have. While not all Tampa area REALTORS® utilize the legal information that our association provides, the information is available for those who attend Legal Lounge with Mercedes Gonzalez Hale, Esq. or Commercial…