As an applicant, you will be granted full GTR primary REALTOR® member rights and privileges once you have paid your initial fees and dues (payable at time of application submission). Within 60 days of your application submission, you must attend a Member Orientation.

New Members: The Application Fees & Dues Schedule below shows the application fees and prorated local, state and national dues through December 31, 2018.  As a primary or secondary REALTOR® member at GTR, your annual dues are due by October 31 each year. GTR 2018 dues are delinquent if received after November 30, 2018. A $50 late fee is required if dues are not received by November 30, 2017. Membership is terminated if all dues and fees are not received by December 31, 2017. An additional $99 fee will be required for payments received after December 31, 2017. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.

Returning Members: Membership dues shall be prorated for any licensee included on a certification form submitted to the association who during the same calendar year applies for REALTOR® membership in the association. However, membership dues shall not be prorated if the licensee held REALTOR® membership during the preceding calendar year.