GTR’s committees and task forces plan, organize and implement programs that keep our Association one of the best in the state. Members can help guide the operation of GTR through their service on a committee. Committees are also a great way to meet fellow REALTORS® who are also involved in the Association. Learn more about our standing committees below.

Executive Committee – Conducts the affairs of this Association in accordance with the policies and instructions of the Board of Directors.  Receives information, engages in discussions, receives/discusses settlement proposals and makes decisions relating to litigation, including but not limited to amounts paid and other terms of settlement. All information received, all discussions engaged in and any decisions related to litigation made by the Executive Committee shall be conducted in executive session and shall remain confidential. The Board members not on the Executive Committee shall be informed generally as to litigation that has been commenced and resolved. However, no further information relating to litigation shall be disclosed to Board members who are not members of the Executive Committee.

Chair: Ruth Bryson

Staff Liaison: Carol Austin

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. One-year term committee members include; the Immediate Past Treasurer, President-elect, three members appointed by the incoming President, two members of the Board of Directors, and the Chairs of Professional Development, Building and the Public Relations Committees. Two-year terms will be served by six at large members. In the event a chair declines an appointment, the President shall fill the position with ratification by the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee shall prepare the ensuing years budget no later than September 1, recommend to the Board of Directors approval/disapproval to all requests for variance to the budget, monitor financial status regularly as well as recommend to the Board of Directors a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to perform the annual audit. The annual audit report will be submitted to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors by the CPA.

Chair: Annette Newkirk

Staff Liaison: Carol Austin

Governmental Affairs Committee – Maintains liaison between the Greater Tampa REALTORS® and locally elected governmental and key appointed officials. It is highly recommended that Governmental Affairs Committee members be RPAC fair share investors and shall have previously served on the RPAC Committee. All members shall be required to attend candidate screening training.

Committee Chair: Richard Fifer

Staff Liaison: Jacob Bruynell

Grievance Committee – Reviews and investigates complaints against members as well as arbitration requests filed with the Association in accordance with the Code of Ethics & Arbitration Manual. When appropriate, it refers them to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing. To participate on this committee, you must sign a confidentiality agreement. Meets as needed.

Committee Chair: Brenda Rider
Staff Liaison: Sara Parsons

Professional Standards Committee – Enforces the Code of Ethics by conducting hearings in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Committee Chair: Stacy Dillard
Staff Liaison: Sara Parsons

Committee Chair: Kienna Carty
Staff Liaison: Grace Smith

Committee appointments are made in the fourth quarter of each year. Task forces will be assembled on an as-needed basis. You will be contacted directly if you are selected for a task force. We have added a Member Participant Application Form for our members to fill out if they are interested in participating in our task forces.